Cancer New Moon: Eclipse & Effect of Mercury Retrograde

At 3:17 in the afternoon on Tuesday, July 2nd, we’re not only enjoying a Cancer New Moon, but it’s also a total solar Eclipse, and on the brink of a Mercury Retrograde cycle that will last until the end of July.  That’s a lot of power churning.
All new moons, regardless of whether or not an eclipse is involved, are signals of new starts, of the end of a cycle, or of allowing the energy of the sign to begin a new phase in your life.  Married to a solar eclipse, there is additional energy offering bright spotlights on areas of your life that need attention.  
So let’s take a look, shall we?

This is a new moon in Cancer, resting in the 9th house of your personal philosophy, expansion of your world view; learning that stretches your mind beyond the parochial into the realms of broadening your experience to something new, something foreign, something hitherto not  experienced.  Cancer asks how are you nurturing (or BEING nurtured and supported)?  Where are you creating or supporting family (Cancer), or perhaps are you recreating your concept of family (especially with the New Moon resting in the 9th house of your personal philosophy).  How does the concept of matriarch (the Moon, the ruler of Cancer) resonate for you right now?  What is the status of your intimate relationships? What are your views (9th house) of who is worthy of your nurturing, caring and support (Cancer)?  How does your religion or personal philosophy (9th house) figure into your concept of nurturing others (Cancer)?
Now let’s bring in the energy of the Mercury Retrograde as well  (July 7th).   Perhaps, this isn’t the moment to signal a NEW relationship, but to instead do a serious, personal review of your current relationships?  Perhaps there is an uncomfortable situation in your life or the world around you that is placing what you’ve always believed should be the goal of nurturing at odds with how you are interacting with the world (or not, as the case may be).  
With the 9th house so deeply involved, perhaps you are questioning “What do I really believe? Am I LIVING what I say I believe??” based upon emotional tugs that feel at odds with what you’ve always believed or have been taught.
There is also a wide opposition of Saturn in Capricorn (the Establishment) to the Sun and Moon in this scenario, which adds new strata to this whole deeply and intricately layered situation.  The opposition signals being pushed into something, or forced to examine your philosophy using the lens of difficult news or images/information of hardship, loss or difficulty.
While this could be reflected  in so many different scenarios, my bleeding liberal heart tugged immediately thinking of the heartbreaking situations of foreign (9th house) children and families (Cancer) at detention centers (the Establishment! Boundaries! Saturn in Capricorn) on our Southern Border.  Without getting into the politics, what human being can truly look upon the suffering experienced there and not have their ‘nurturing muscles’ want to DO something?   This is just one example, of course.  Tied to the destiny-related North Node (any Full or New Moon within 17 degrees of the Node constitutes an eclipse; this new Moon is just 7 degrees from the North Node) I can’t help but wonder how much of our country’s destiny rests in how we deal with this situation… pulled into the mix is Uranus in Taurus, making an advantageous sextile to the Moon.  Put into English… as difficult as this situation is, we, as a people, CAN work to level the playing field and utilize our ability to revolutionize (Uranus’ energy in a nutshell!)  the way we deal with immigration in this country.
So some questions to ask yourself over the next few weeks as this solar eclipse and New Moon in Cancer ripens during a Mercury retrograde:
1)      Where is my personal philosophy at odds with what I WANT it to be?  Where do my emotions feel out of sync with what I believe?  What’s got to give?

2)      Where do my personal intimate relationships need attention? 

3)      Where do I need to broaden my horizon to be more open minded and accepting of the world around me?  Where do I need to remove my blinders and open my heart and mind?

4)      What family member or situation have I been neglecting that needs my attention? 

5)      Who in my family is feeling lonely and may need me?
The most important of all, perhaps:  where am I not exhibiting self-care, self-nurturing?  We can only help others when WE are not depleted.

If you know where 10 Degrees of Cancer rests in your birth chart, that can tell you what area of your life is going to be activated personally during the eclipse period!  

- Pat Dumas
Astrological Consultant and Tarot Reader

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