CBD Q&A with Hempfield Botanicals

Erica Keene of Hempfield Botanicals recently joined Firefly Hollow staff for an informational training about their CBD product line. Hempfield Botanical products are available for purchase in our in-store boutique! 

Pictured are some of the CBD products (from the Hempfield Botanicals website). Hempfield Botanicals products are available for purchase in our in-store boutique located inside our center at 200 Farm Lane, York, PA 17402.

What is CBD?  
CBD is a molecule found in grown industrial hemp plants that offers a variety of health and pain benefits.  Hemp Seeds do NOT contain CBD as they have not matured and grown into the full plant. If a product only states hemp seed oil on the package or ingredient listing there is no actual CBD in the product.

Is it legal?  Yes, CBD from the Industrial Hemp Plant was legalized with the passing of the Farm Bill in December of 2018.  While some states have decided to not allow products derived from Industrial Hemp it is indeed legal.

Can it get you high? Will you pass a drug test?  
You will not get high.  Even CBD products with the allowed legal limit of .3% of THC will not induce a feeling of being high.  There is not enough THC to create a feeling of high in the HEMP plant, unlike its sister Marijuana.  You could still FAIL A DRUG TEST if you are using a full spectrum HEMP CBD product. If you need to pass a drug screening you would want to stick to products produced with CBD ISOLATE that is FREE of THC completely.

What should one look for in a quality product?  
Current up to date 3rd party tests matching the batch numbers of the product you have purchased. If a test on a company’s website is from 2018 you should request a current batch test.  The MG’s of CBD should be clearly listed on the product. If you cannot locate this, you could be misled with fancy verbiage or less specific terms of what is inside the products.  Another important factor to consider is if the ingredient list is INCI (The International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, abbreviated INCI, is a system of names for waxes, oils, pigments, chemicals, and other ingredients of soaps, cosmetics, and the like, based on scientific names and other Latin and English words). If this is not the way ingredients are listed, they could be producing it in their homes or other non-approved manufacturing facility. Therefore, you could be introduced to a product that could include ingredients you are allergic to!

How does it affect your brain differently than TCH?
 CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and contains chemicals known as cannabinoids. These may bind to receptors in the brain to help relieve symptoms of pain. CBD oil is rich in chemicals called cannabinoids that bind to specialized receptors in the brain.

Are there bad side effects? 

Any people who should not take CBD?  
The one study we are aware of and advise customers on is Blood Thinners. We always advise checking with your doctor or health professional.

Difference between oral & topical CBD?  
The form of the products will be different for one.  Topical products offer the most bio availability as our skin is our largest organ. If you are an individual who has inflamed joints as a result of Crohn’s disease you may require so much topical CBD product that you would be better served to utilize an oral oil. This could be more cost effective and is best for chronic pain that is too large of an area for a topical product.

CBD for children? Pets?
Yes and Yes. HOWEVER, each parent should follow their own preferences and moral compass when incorporating CBD with a child.  Weight should be considered as should the symptoms you are trying to treat. Always consult a physician. The same goes for pets along with all I have listed above.

How much should you take?
This truly differs from each user in regards to weight, experience with CBD or Marijuana, as well as weight and other medical conditions or medications. 

What symptom does it help?  
There are a lot of amazing benefits of CBD. We know that there is indeed CBD from Marijuana in a current pharmaceutical product for Epilepsy. CBD is great for pain due to inflammation, arthritis, nerve damage, joint pain, nausea from cancer treatment, and anxiety to name a few. It does not, however, cure everything so be sure to not fall prey to a company that makes a claim for a cure-all.

Can one overdose on CBD?  

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