When the Veil is Thin

It’s an interesting time of year, Halloween.  Halfway between the beginning of fall and the beginning of winter here in south central Pennsylvania.  It has the feeling of hovering somewhere ‘between.’  If you think of the world and everything in it from the framework of an energy construct, It’s not hard, therefore, to understand the concept that at this time of year the ‘veil,’ the field or energy or whatever you choose to believe might separate this plane of existence from the next (or just ‘others’) is thinner, more permeable.  You may have also noticed that same feeling around Beltane (around May 1), halfway between the beginning of spring and beginning of summer, creating the balance of polarity.
Evolutionary Astrologers recognize this feeling, too, when we look at natal horoscopes, those amazing symbolic portraits, chronicling in glyphs the positions of all the planets and luminaries and astral bodies, of the moments each of us drew breath for the first time.  For me, personally, the joy of karmic astrology is the ability to ‘pierce the veil’, so to speak, and find out some of the profound patterns a soul has been struggling to make sense of in this lifetime and determine the energy of their sources.  Sometimes awareness is enough to break an old, non-functioning pattern.  Sometimes it takes harder work than awareness, but always, that awareness brings an individual to the next layer of resolving karma.
While the entire chart plays into this kind of reading, it’s important to realize how profound a knowledge of the sign and position of the Sun and Moon are in the birth chart.  For example, someone born with the Moon in the sign of Scorpio can clearly indicate previous lifetimes of digging into the deepest, darkest parts of human existence; likely a tangible awareness of collective human suffering.  The extent of that awareness rests a great deal on the readiness of the individual to deal with the sources of this karma in this lifetime, but the essence is there.  It plays itself out in emotional connections that are fraught with themes of trust and betrayal, power struggles or even actual violence.  
This is not to say that every human being on the planet is operating with the reality of sexual abuse in their life today!!!  It is saying, though, that the Moon in Scorpio is energetically equipped to understand it, from the standpoint of both victim and perpetrator.  That’s the essence of Scorpio.  Someone with Sun in Libra has come into this world to understand the karma of relationship: how does one enter into this kind of balanced partnership without losing the self?  How does one maintain the need for integrity in communication while risking the fearful concept of pushing away the one you need so badly to complete yourself?  That’s the journey of the Libra sun.
So, at this time of year, I always find myself talking to clients seeking out an astrologer for the first time because they’re trying to understand what got them to today… and it could be a yesterday (or several yesterdays!) from many previous lifetimes.
Understanding your own Sun and Moon goes a long way to understand the essence of who you are, where you’re going and emotional responses that either propel you toward your destiny or perhaps hinder you from taking the steps needed to find the magic and glory waiting for you. 

Which step will YOU take?

Pat is teaching Astro 101: The Lights on Saturday, October 19th, from 10:00 a.m. until 4:30 and part of the class will be focusing on the evolutionary facets of the Sun and Moon in the birth chart.  For more information, contact Pat at Pat.Dumas.Astrologer@gmail.com or Firefly Hollow Wellness Center at (717) 914-8136. Pre-registration is required

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